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Sell More by Selling to the Right People

sell more by selling to the right people show of hands

Show of hands…

Hands up if you want to sell more and become a more profitable business. Of course you do! There’s always scope for more sales by selling to the right people.

Let’s think about your customers. Without being able to identify your target market and going with an “everybody should use my service/buy my products” approach, you could end up doing the people who really need you a huge disservice. It’s a costly mistake made by many business owners, so if you’re reading this and nodding along furiously, you’re not alone!

The reality is, we need to get back to basics. Who is your ideal customer? Really think about it.

What are the demographics (age, marital status, etc)? What are their pain points? Where do they get their information (blogs, magazines, books, etc)?

Who should you be serving?

Here are 5 ways to help you define the perfect customer for your business:

1. Explore Google Analytics

We touched on the valuable insights found in Google Analytics here. Having a dig around this tool can help you pinpoint exactly who your target audience should be.

You can find a lot of information about who is visiting your site:

● Demographics

● What device they’re using to view your site (desktop, mobile, tablet)

● What content and pages are popular

● How they came to your site (typed in your URL directly, Google search, an affiliate link, an email, social media, etc)

Those are just a few key sections. You should take the time to familiarise yourself with Google Analytics to really reap the benefits!

2. Have a look at your current customers

If you’re not sure about the issues that your existing customer base faces – ask them!

You could even go as far as creating a survey to collect data about what makes a person likely to buy from you.

This is also a brilliant way to gather information such as how and where they found out about you. It means that you then know where you need to be (local publications, social media ads, etc) to attract more of this type of potential customer.

Be sure to look out for common themes across their characteristics and behaviours!

3. Check out the competition

If you’re not sure who your competitors are, a quick Google search will soon tell you.

You can learn a lot about the type of consumer they’re targeting by the key messaging on their site, social media platforms, and even their newsletters.

You may notice that they’ve got an amazing blog that’s rich with information aimed at their specific audience. This could give you a good idea of who they’re actually speaking to.

4. Brainstorm!

We’ve mentioned this a couple of times already, and it’s a biggie. It’s crucial that you ask yourself this question:

What problem am I trying to solve?

Think about the main issues that your potential customers are going through. Do they find it impossible to find the time to complete a particular task? Maybe they don’t have the skillset to take on a project.

After you’ve uncovered the primary problem(s), consider the demographics of the consumers you want to help. This will give you a solid idea as to you who should be serving.

Helpful… But now what?

You’ve defined your ideal customer – great! Now you need to use this information to attract them.

It gives you the opportunity to add new products or services to your offering based on your findings about their problems, or even make adjustments to what you currently do.

You also have the knowledge about your audience to create fantastic content that is tailored to what they want to read about.

This can be extremely powerful and really hit the spot with your readers!

If you’ve discovered where you’re most likely to find your customers, you can optimise your marketing efforts. If you know that most of your customers find you on Twitter, you can focus your energy there.

Final thoughts

There is a specific type of person who needs exactly what you provide.

Once you know who they are, you can attract more of them and generate more business!

Have you spent much time thinking about your ideal customer?

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