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Small Business Owners – Your Five Essential Steps To Becoming More Digital

Digital is moving forward at a pace but, as a small business owner, it can be difficult to know how to get started or what you need to be aware of in the digital world. Below we highlight five key steps towards your business becoming more digital…


The days where you would have to make a choice between digital and traditional marketing are in the past – nearly everything involves digital now. There are many publications switching to online editions or people looking at their mobiles to order what they want. There is still a place for traditional techniques but they should be integrated with the digital side.

2) DIGITAL Is Fed By Great Content

Customer buying behaviour has been transformed by the internet, allowing people to search for information at the touch of a button. Traditional advertising and techniques still have a place but don’t quite carry the same impact as they used to and have been overtaken by great content, fuelling good modern marketing for your business.

3) FOCUS On One Area And Make Sure You Do It Well

It is easy for you, as a business owner, to become overwhelmed by what you should be doing, and when, with digital. Take your time to find the right digital activity for you and then focus on doing it well before moving onto another. For example – with social media, focus on working on a single platform first rather than having profiles you can’t keep up with on multiple platforms.

4) Use DATA to make better decisions

There is a lot of interesting and useful data you can find online. Tracking your digital advertising campaigns shows you what works and what doesn’t, and social media demographics show you who your customers really are. Make better decisions for your business by taking advantage of this data.

5) Keep UP TO DATE

The world of digital is constantly changing, with new research, techniques and tools for you to use. It is essential you keep up with these new and exciting developments.


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