Q: How cost effective is the Local Answer?

A: There is no better or more cost-effective way to get your sales message across to local communities. Local area directories really do work. The Local Answer is the best way for a local business to gain local customers.

Advertising with The Local Answer is at a fraction of the cost of mail-shots or sending leaflets out in your area.

Q: Why do you use the A5 format?

A: If the publications were larger they would become obtrusive and, therefore, would be thrown away by the household. The compact format means the books can be kept handy by the telephone or in a kitchen drawer.

Q: Do you deliver to every house?

A: We door drop The Local Answer to privately owned houses and bungalows throughout our distribution area. We do not deliver to some rented, multiple occupancy or social dwellings.

We carry a high number of trade advertisers i.e. plumbers, electricians etc, advertising their services in our publication. It would be unlikely that our advertisers would be contacted by tenants living in rented or multiple occupancy accommodation, due in part to their own rental agreements. Tenants would normally contact their landlords directly when property repairs etc, were required. For this reason, we strive to deliver to as many privately owned homes in our distribution area.

Current copies of our publications are available to view here