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5 Reasons Why Printed Ads are Important for your Business

Print Ads

Print advertising is powerful. Yes, the internet is a marvellous tool, however, it isn’t the only tool. Digital media without doubt has its advantages, but print still has the upper hand in some ways and should be incorporated into your marketing strategy. Read on to learn 5 advantages of using printed ads.

Benefits of Printed Ads:

1. It’s real!

There’s a lot to be said for a tangible, in-your-hand ad. It’s easier and more convenient to retain and refer to a compact A5 booklet than it is to scroll through your mobile to find the same ad that you saw a few days ago.

Plus, many people hold onto magazines and brochures for years, meaning that even just a one-time printed ad could be incredibly cost-effective for your business.

2. You can reach your target customers

Think about it – how many digital ads do you see every day? We’re bombarded! The beauty of print is that it’s much less invasive and you’re able to target a very specific audience and deliver the ad right into their hands (literally!).

Beyond this, you also have the option to tailor your campaign to fit your budget (how much page space you need), and rather than relying on an algorithm to decide where your ad should sit, you get to speak with a real person when buying your ad space.

3. Print ad readers have longer attention spans and more intent

Mobile devices can shrink peoples’ attention spans and we almost become immune to the selling efforts we’re exposed to on a daily basis.

People who look at more traditional formats (magazines, newspapers, other publications) often spend more time looking and could be more likely to focus and really take note of the ad. When we’re online, we might have 7 different tabs open and probably have messages and emails pinging through.

Referring directly to a printed ad minimises the chance of the consumer becoming distracted.

4. Authenticity

Pretty much anybody can make a digital ad. Print, however, requires a marketing budget and feels somewhat more official and trustworthy. This is especially true when it’s targeted at local level. Quality print publications, such as the Local Answer, can easily leverage your credibility and generate you more leads and sales.

5. Stand out!

In a time where everyone is going digital, going ‘old school’ with a printed ad could give you the edge that you’re looking for. It’s a medium that some businesses forget, so make sure you play the trump card and have this aspect of marketing covered!


So, as you can see, local print advertising is extremely effective and should be added to your marketing mix. Combining these benefits with a solid digital strategy can produce substantial results.

When reading printed content, consumers are more willing to process information. Use this opportunity to put your brand out there! It could be key to attracting more customers and increasing sales.

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