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How to Market Your Business on a Budget

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Times are hard. Businesses are going through more challenges than ever and maybe your marketing efforts have, understandably, taken a back seat.

Being savvy with your marketing budget can make you stand out from the competition without needing a limitless spend. And good news! It’s easier than you probably think.

Here are 4 ways to keep you ahead:

1. Printed Advertising

This is especially effective if your business focus is on a specific area. Placing a printed ad in the Local Answer is a low-cost way of getting the attention of your audience. Generally speaking, printed media has a better recall value than other mediums. It also builds trust in your brand. You can read more about this here.

2. Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest – they’re all free to use. Make sure you have a business page that you can promote and be as regular as possible when it comes to posting. Your messaging should be clear for these platforms to work.

Links can be added to posts to drive traffic to your site, too. Social media lets you build brand awareness at no cost… Make it count!

3. Content Marketing

This is one of the best marketing strategies. Creating top-notch online content is a powerful way of getting your brand out there. It shows your audience that you have expertise and a genuine interest in helping them.

You can share your content in heaps of places (blog posts, social media, emails, brochures, etc). If writing isn’t your cup of tea or you don’t have the time to commit to such an important aspect of marketing, you could hire a professional to do this for you.

4. Email Marketing

You may already have a database of email subscribers. If so, email can be a superb method of marketing to them. It’s worth putting some thought into your newsletters and their subject line to really capture the attention of your readers. This will set your emails apart from the mountain of them probably sitting in their inbox!

There are lots of tools online that can help you in terms of email templates and even ones that will assist you in creating a subject with pizzazz that subscribers can’t resist opening. Make sure you’re GDPR compliant!

Final Thoughts

With a bit of planning and the right mix of activities, there’s no reason that a small marketing budget can’t have a big impact.

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