Big Reasons to Shop Small

We’re really lucky; our high streets are jewelled with wonderful small businesses. There are heaps of reasons to buy from our local shops – so let’s use them before we lose them.

Here are 5 benefits to shopping locally:

1. They know their customers

Local businesses understand people in the area. They’re quick to react to what their customers want and are able to meet the changing needs of the local population. This means they can offer you relevant and interesting products and services rather than the larger, more commercial companies that generally provide the same things no matter where you live.

2. They create jobs

Shops in our towns create jobs within the local community. By purchasing from these smaller businesses, you’re helping to grow employment opportunities which in turn, makes the area a better place to live and work.

3. The experience

There’s nothing quite like the personal touch that comes with the customer service in a local shop. They get to know you and can offer products and services that best meet your needs.

Plus, the shops add real character to the high street and have an authenticity that the bigger brands can’t usually match. What’s not to like?!

4. They’re better for the environment

Local businesses often source their products locally, which helps to reduce their carbon footprint. Customers are also more likely to walk or cycle to the high street, so we’ll benefit from less traffic and air pollution, too.

5. Great deals – you’ll be surprised!

Don’t assume that chain stores have the best deals – local shops can have competitive pricing that you might not expect. Before you hit Google, take the time to have a look around your high street and see what’s on offer.

Which local shops do you love?