The Show Must Go On: How Printed Ads Can Help Local Businesses

You already know about the devastating impact of the coronavirus outbreak and the disruption that it has caused. It has never been more important to support local businesses than throughout these unprecedented times.

It hasn’t been the big fat corporate organisations that we’ve been turning to. Local, family-run businesses are the backbone of our economy and here at the Local Answer, we couldn’t be prouder to be publishing ads for many of these companies.

As people begin to rebuild their livelihoods, printed ads are a smart way to get company names out there and let customers know that they’re up, running and ready for business.

Below are some ways that this type of marketing is helping businesses adjust to life as the economy begins to recover.

More bang for your buck

In a time where every penny counts, this type of advertising can be very cost-effective. Physically printed media has a long-term retention value, whereby consumers tend to keep these publications for months or even years. For business owners, this means that even just a one-off add could see them reaping the rewards for quite some time after being published.

Supporting local

The #SupportLocal campaign has been influential across social media and with the spotlight on the benefits of buying local products and services, more people are looking at businesses closer to home that they can trust. If you’re a business owner and want to make the most of this movement, a printed ad in a local publication could be a really wise strategy.

Pack a punch (when it counts)

With finances unfortunately still unstable for a lot of people, it’s maybe not great form to continually show them ads whenever they use the internet, which in reality, is probably all the time. Printed ads are much less in-your-face as people will only look at them if they have intent in the first place. It’s a way to index a business in an easy-to-use format for consumers to refer to as and when they need a particular product or service.

Getting back to business

We hope to see our local businesses back on their feet and thriving as soon as it’s safe and possible to do so. Here at the Local Answer we’ll be cheering them on and on hand to help with their advertising needs.

If you’d like to read more about how we could help you, click here for details on the benefits of using our services.

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