So You Think You Know Redcar? Quiz

Sure, you know where to get a lemon top and the best fish and chips, but how much do you really know about the area?

Think you can take on our quiz? Have a go if you think you’re Redcar enough.

No cheating now!

1. The Redcar town clock was built as a memorial for which king?

2. The oldest surviving lifeboat in the world sits within a museum in the town. But what is the lifeboat called?

3. The Regent Cinema has closed and reopened a number of times. It shut its doors in August 1982 and opened up again in April 1983 with which film? Hint: The film was actually released in late-1982

4. In 2006, Redcar was used as a filming location. Several areas were dressed as 1940s Dunkirk for the occasion. What is the name of the film they were shooting?

5. At the end of 2015, which storm damaged the Redcar Beacon, causing large pieces of panelling to fall onto the beach?

6. Name the two railway stations in Redcar.

7. David Coverdale, known for his blues-tinged voice, lived in the area as a youth. What are the two bands he is associated with?

8. What’s the name of the Redcar speedway team?


Answers below!

1. King Edward VII

2. Zetland

3. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

4. Atonement

5. Storm Desmond

6. Redcar Central and Redcar East

7. Deep Purple and Whitesnake

8. Redcar Bears

How did you do? Learn any juicy facts along the way?