Youngsters Celebrate British Science Week With An Out of This World Experience

Two astronomers the Kielder Planetarium will be visiting visiting Saltburn Learning Campus for several days next week to celebrate British Science Week.

Between Monday 4th and Thursday 7th March, Adam Shore and George Pattinson will pay a visit to Saltburn Primary School and Huntcliff Secondary School to provide an exclusive experience of a planetarium to pupils and students.

As part of the visit there will be a number of exciting shows on deep space and planets outside our solar system – also known as exoplanets. The astronomers will also be delivering interactive talks on electromagnet spectrum and meteorites.

It all leads fittingly into UK British Science Week, which this year takes place from 8th March and is themed around Journeys; lessons for year 7 particularly during this week will give students the opportunity to design and make their own exoplanets.

Sally Davies, Huntcliff’s Subject Leader of Science says, “I am really excited about being able to bring experts in to deliver these sessions. The aim is to allow as many students across the campus to experience this amazing opportunity. The range of activities aims to provide an extra platform to engage young people with the subject of science and to celebrate our wonderful scientific world.”