Treats Served At Your Table At Cake Toppers Of Redcar

One of life’s little pleasures is to experience that delightful aroma when you enter a local cake maker. Dedication, training and a great deal of skill go into creating that unique aroma.

One such establishment who create that wonderful aroma is Cake Toppers of Redcar. They have, after all, been baking delicious cakes and sweet treats on the premises for over 15 years.

Now you can experience and enjoy that little pleasure for longer. Cake Toppers have added a small seating area at their Lord Street premises offering a range of hot beverages, which fully compliment the wide choice of mouth-watering cakes, flans and tarts on offer.

Add delicious cream teas and tasty croissants to the already extensive selection of top quality baked treats served at your table and you truly have a recipe for a great place to meet, greet and chat with friends and enjoy a relaxing, wonderful gastronomic experience.

Go on, treat yourself, call in today.

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