‘Boro Academy Pupil Wins Award For His Wonderful Poem

11-year-old Middlesbrough Academy pupil Ezra Amadi-Emina was recently presented with an award for his amazing poem by football group ‘Show Racism the Red Card.’

Ezra attends Whinney Banks Primary School and is part of Middlesbrough’s influential Academy where – says his father Larry – he has been shown tremendous love and support in both his football and his academic development by staff and coaches.

He was presented with his award at Leicester City’s King Power Stadium, where he wowed a packed audience that included England boss Gareth Southgate by reading his poem to them.

This is his remarkable work…


A Cure To Racism

Black, white, Asian we are all the same, so why give one race all the blame.

Jewish, Christian, Muslim we all have beliefs, so why give one religion all this grief.

The virus racism has corrupted our minds, it’s infected people everywhere and is killing mankind.

It gives people inhumane reasons to think they’re superior, to bully others and make them feel inferior.

It causes chaos, destruction and brutal discrimination, towards religion and race all over the nation.

No one is born with a heart full of hate, so racism is a virus that humans create.

Children are taught to emulate what they see, which is why we must teach them that love is what’s key.

We urge people everywhere to take the vaccination, that will eliminate racism from our generation;

That will release those subdued by racial captivity, and make empathy a universal activity.

The cure to kill the virus and save our community is love, equality and worldwide unity.

Some people try to trump other races – it’s this kind of injustice the vaccine erases.

The task to eradicate racism will surely be hard, together let’s unite and show racism the red card.

The cure is spreading and going fast, so get your vaccination, please don’t be the last.


Well done Ezra!