Redcar Company’s Professional Video Service

DeepFocus Digital is the product of a 10 year friendship between directors Luke Stephenson and Adam Watson.

Both from Redcar, the pair met in secondary school and have developed their skill and love for filmmaking together throughout college and university.

Now, they want to support their local community and beyond by using their skills to provide professional video production to businesses of all sizes.

DeepFocus Digital specialise in a range of video services including (but not limited to) commercial advertising, internal training videos and event coverage.

They believe in full clarity with the client throughout the production process and therefore, operate on what they call their ‘Three Phase Process’, wherein they breakdown the, usually rather complicated production process, into three simple stages. Phase I, the development of ideas, Phase II, the filming and creation of assets for the project and finally, Phase III, which involves working with the client to edit all the material together into a video package which meets their requirements.

The company believes that the world is starting to move past newspapers and magazines. Advertising is further moving online through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and people are becoming less interested in reading and more enticed by moving images accompanied by music.

Furthermore, training videos are becoming out-dated and too lengthy to interest its viewers and sometimes photography just doesn’t quite capture that perfect moment at the live event you’ve spent so long organising.

With this in mind, they create their video packages to reach as many people as possible and be the perfect length to retain audience attention, ensuring your message is delivered in the most appealing way possible.

You can contact DeepFocus Digital on 07498 509450 or visit their website at