Baroness Grey-Thompson Helps Pupils Put Their Best Foot Forward

Saltburn Primary School is preparing to welcome a very special visitor who will commemorate their efforts to help their health and well-being.

Tanni, Baroness Grey-Thompson, will visit pupils and staff at the school on Friday 21st October and take part in something which is now firmly established within each pupil’s timetable and regular routine. Introduced by Year 6 teacher, Rachel Wills – who learnt of its beginnings by a school in Scotland – The Daily Mile is now a firm favourite amongst both pupils and staff at Saltburn Primary, who take part every afternoon. The short session, which has pupils running around the school field eight times to equate to one mile, aims to improve the physical, emotional and social health and well-being of all children, despite any differences they may have; whether they run, jog or walk!

Mrs Wills said, “We’re delighted that Tanni is visiting. We can’t wait to show her how much we’re benefiting from this relatively new initiative, and we’re hoping that she will take part alongside us”.

Joining Tanni on the day will be Daily Mile founder, Elaine Wyllie, who in 2012 introduced the initiative at St Ninian’s primary in Stirling. “The Daily Mile gives children the freedom to have fun with their friends outside in the fresh air – it’s all about nourishing a joy of active living. I’m thrilled that Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson will be joining us at Saltburn Primary School, as a shining inspiration to young people and schools across the UK” said Elaine. Now retired, Elaine dedicates her time to encouraging schools across the UK and beyond to adopt The Daily Mile; helping more young people benefit from something which consumes just 15 minutes of their school day, but provides such positive outcomes.

Having recently been mentioned in the UK Government’s Childhood Obesity Strategy, it is clear to see that the increased participation in The Daily Mile is being recognised and commended for the impact it is having on young people throughout the U.K. More information can be found on The Daily Mile’s website (, and on Twitter and Facebook.

Tanni and Elaine are planning on leading a mid-morning assembly for pupils on the day, which will be followed by all year groups taking part in the Daily Mile.

Tanni says, “This is just an amazing way to encourage young people to think about what they do every single day. It helps them realise that doing a little exercise daily can make a massive difference to their lives. The fact they have fun while they are doing it keeps encouraging them.”