Success For Long-Running Redcar Dance School

Redcar dance school ‘Dance Magic’, has been open for an amazing 24 years on 1st April.

16 year-old Maddie Brekon from Boosbeck has attended Dance Magic in Redcar since she was 6 years old.

Along with her fellow pupils, she recently attended the Diva Competition at the spa in Bridlington.

Maddie won the U18 championship and danced in the overall section against another one of Dance Magic’s pupils – Asia Knot, aged 12, who won the U14 championship and Maddie was lucky enough to win, with the prize being a holiday to Universal studies in Florida!

This continues the success of Dance Magic who had 2 dancers win the 2017 overalls – Emma Meakin and Bethany Guy, who also won trips to universal studios in Florida. Emma Meakin also won Eurodance 2017 winning VIP tickets to see Little Mix at Wembley. In 2016, Diva overall winner Asia Knot won a trip to New York and disco kid winner Sienna Shanks won a trip to Eurodisney.

For more information about Dance Magic’s classes, please contact Vicky on 07900 958444.

Photo: 16 year-old Dance Magic pupil, Maddie Brekon, from Boosbeck.