A Lousy End To A Disappointing Season

The season finished with hardly a whimper. Nothing about the Liverpool game gave anybody any optimism for the next twelve months unless the majority of that side have gone and been replaced with players who show the same kind of commitment and loyalty that last season’s promotion winners demonstrated.

Fortunately, contracts and commitments suggest that many of them have played their last ineffective game for ‘Boro and with any luck we’ll be starting next season with a new manager and a bunch of players who show the same enthusiasm that ‘Boro supporters have always demonstrated despite the dreadful performances they have been forced to suffer week after week.

Steve Agnew is obviously a great bloke that has ‘Boro at his heart, but sadly he is not the managerial answer. His record speaks for itself, from his inability to persuade the players to stand behind the club at Charlton last season to his current record of one win in eleven games.

Perhaps his statistics can be laid at the door of our perceived ‘better players’ with the performance of Gaston Ramirez the best example. It’s sufficient to say that If that particular non-performer offered to stay and play for nothing next season the majority of ‘Boro supporters would despise the offer.

At the time of writing there are a number of names being bandied around for the next manager. Steve Gibson has shown in the past that he can unearth gems from outside the awful merry-go-round of experienced failures that are always mentioned whenever a position as good as this one becomes available.

He has given Bryan Robson, Steve McClaren, Gareth Southgate and Aitor Karanka their first chance of managerial experience and all fulfilled his belief with a variety of successes, even if Gareth had to wait a while to be properly recognised.

The only manager he employed who could demonstrate both previous success and a wealth of experience was Gordon Strachan, but he put the club back years. And while Tony Mowbray was becoming an established manager when he arrived his main objective was to get rid of as much of the Strachan wage bill as possible – a task he managed with huge aplomb, but unfortunately couldn’t maintain that kind of success.

So once again I find myself asking the question ‘Where do we go from here?’ Let’s hope that by next month there has been some kind of progress and we can begin to speculate on what the new names are going to achieve.

We look forward with both excitement and trepidation.

by J.M.