Donation Is ‘Wheelie’ Good News For Local Organisation

Westfield Farm, Coast & Country’s flagship community training and resource centre, has donated four unloved bicycles to a Redcar organisation that works with people with learning disabilities.

Westfield Farm has donated the bicycles to Route One Coffee House and Bicycle shop, an organisation that gives local people with learning disabilities the chance to gain skills and independence by working as mechanics servicing, repairing and building bicycles, which are then sold locally at reasonable prices.

Route One is run as a cooperative, with all profits from the bicycle shop invested back into the workshop to pay for trips, materials and training for its members. It also runs a bike-friendly coffee shop below the workshop offering cyclists a chance grab a bite to eat whilst they wait for a repair.

Barry McBride, Westfield Farm Coordinator for Coast & Country Housing, said: “We had the bikes for a while and they weren’t being used as much as we would have liked. We had to store them outside and it seemed a shame for them to go rusty when someone else could be enjoying them.

“Route One do great work and the fact that they invest profits back into services and training chimed with our values as an organisation, so we are only too pleased to pass on the bicycles.”

Colin Howes, Business Manager at Route One, said: “We’re always grateful for donations and accept bikes in almost any condition as our team can restore and repair most damage. Even if they can’t be restored, the guys in the workshop can use the parts to make a new bike, or repair another.

“These bikes will be spruced up and either sold, or used by our clients for rides along the beach front, either way, this is not the end of their use.

“It’s important that we have a steady stream of bicycles to work on so that our clients can continue to hone their skills and fund the services that they love. We would encourage anyone with a bike rusting in the back garden or sitting unused in the garage, to get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to give it a new lease of life.”

Route One is based at 3 Queen Street, Redcar, near the Clock Tower. Alternately, you can call 01642 913433 to discuss your donation.

Photo: l to r, Barry McBride, Westfield Farm Coordinator for Coast & Country Housing with Colin Howes, Business Manager at Route One.